A Dialogue Between Myself And My Friend On The Importance Of Cleanliness

A Dialogue Between Myself And My Friend On The Importance Of Cleanliness

Myself : Hi my dear friend, have you come round from your disease?
Friend : Yes, I am physically sound now. But I don't understand why I become sick very often.
Myself : In order to have a sound health, you must follow the rules of health and cleanliness.
Friend : I don't understand why you should follow the rules of cleanliness for our sound health. What is meant by cleanliness?
Myself : Cleanliness is the habit of kipping clean. It is a great virtue and a part of our belief.
Friend : What should we do to follow the rules of cleanliness?
Myself : We must put on clean dress. We should not use the cloth and towel of other people. We should take bath every day. we must wash our hand with soap before have anything.
Friend : What is the value of doing all these?
Myself : If you don't follow all these, you will suffer from a lot of both infectious diseases.
Friend : What do you want to say ab out our surroundings? Should we keep it clean and why?
Myself : Unclean surrounding, dirty dwelling please create unhealthy atmosphere. So it spreads the germs of diseases.
Friend : Do you have anything more to tell to precise the importance of cleanliness?
Myself : Cleanliness makes everything look cheerful and fresh. On the other hand dirtiness and diseases go together because dirtiness breeds the germs of diseases.
Friend : Thank you very much for your polite conversation.
Myself : I am so very happy to make you're understand the importance of cleanliness.
Friend : See you again.
Myself : All the best and see you again.

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