A Dialogue Between Two Friends About The Importance Of Learning English

A Dialogue Between Two Friends About The Importance Of Learning English

Myself : Hello my friend, how are you?
Friend : I am fine and you?
Myself : I am also fine. Where are you going now?
Friend : I am going to British council.
Myself : But why?
Friend : To learn English.
Myself : Why do you want to learn English, is it very important?
Friend : Of course, it is very important.
Myself : Will you explain it please?
Friend : Why not? You know that English is an International Language.
Myself : So what?
Friend : The world cannot go for a single day without English.So it very easy to understand the importance of learning English.
Myself : Is there anything more to indicate the importance of learning English?
Friend : Yes, if you follow, you will find that most of books, magazines papers and other research books are written in English.
Myself : O I see. You are correct. I think more than this.
Friend : What is that.
Myself : It is the age of information, communication and science.
Friend : So what?
Myself : These media are conducted in English.
Friend : You mean no one can do anything using these media without English.
Myself : Yes, you have come to the point.
Friend : This is the reality. To keep you updated there is no other alternative to learn English.
Myself : It is obviously true.
Friend : Thank you my friend.
Myself : Thank you also.

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