A Dialogue Between Two Friends About The Importance Of Reading Newspaper

A Dialogue Between Two Friends About The Importance Of Reading Newspaper

Myself : Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullah.
Friend : Waalaikum salam Warahmatullah.
Myself : How are you my friend?
Friend : Alhamdulillah and you?
Myself : Mash Allah I am fine.
Friend : Let us go to a newspaper stall.
Myself : But why?
Friend : To meet my thirst.
Myself : What do you mean? Why do you need to go to newspaper stall to meet thirst?
Friend : I mean thirst of newspaper.
Myself : I cannot understand your word.
Friend : It is very easy. I cannot start my day without reading newspaper.
Myself : Please explain it to me.
Friend : Newspaper is the current mirror of the world.
Myself : What does it mean?
Friend : It means, newspaper gives us all kinds of news of both home and abroad.
Myself : What do you mean by all kinds of news?
Friend : All kinds of news means social, political, business, games and sports, education,
invention and discoveries, amusements and so on.
Myself : Does it give us only news?
Friend : No. It also gives us the views of the mass people.
Myself : Anything more?
Friend : Yes. Editorial and research news.
Myself : Which option of the paper is most important to you?
Friend : Headlines and editorials.
Myself : Is it very important to read newspaper regularly?
Friend : Of course. Newspaper opens the windows of our outlook. It keeps us updated with the
current world. To keep pace with the world it is most important to read newspaper regularly.
Myself : You are right. Thank you for sharing the importance of reading newspaper.
Friend : See you again.

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